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New Zealand adds Silver Fern Visa

A new “silver fern visa” will lure young highly skilled workers from around the world to New Zealand, according to the Immigration Minister, Jonathan Coleman.

Focused on 20-35 year olds, it will allow applicants to apply for a 9 month “job search” permit and then, once skilled employment is secured, allow applicants to stay for a further 2 years on a temporary visa. This allows sufficient time for residency to be secured.

The new policy will be implemented in April 2010 , giving people the opportunity to look for long-term work for up to nine months.

Once they have a job, people could apply for a two-year working visa, which could possibly lead to residency under the Skilled Migrant Category.

“The National-led Government made a pre-election promise to attract higher-level skills to New Zealand and today’s policy announcement delivers on that promise,” Dr Coleman said.

“In the global competition for skills, we need to encourage young, career-minded people to choose New Zealand as long term destination.”

There will only be 300 places initially available for people aged between 20 and 35 years old.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that migration is a key economic enabler. It gives New Zealand businesses international connections, and provides skills to transform our economic landscape.

“However, it’s all about attracting the right skills and matching those skills with the employment needs of our economy.

“I am confident that the silver fern visa will achieve that, because the young migrants eligible under this policy will need to prove their value to New Zealander employers,” Dr Coleman said.

To find out more about the Silver Fern Visa, come along to Down Under Live in London and talk to Immigration New Zealand.

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